Shelly B.

Because the weather was unusually gorgeous here, I broke my rule of “Protected Sunday” and traveled to an art show.  Glad I did because I returned inspired for this week’s activity.

Having recently moved into this space, my cupboards are fairly well cleaned out and organized.

My love of textures has drawn me to weaving.  I have looked into buying a small table loom to weave scarves, but have resisted the urge because of the added distraction it adds to my quilting and because of the additional cost.  I want to stay focused.

Yesterday, I came across a watercolor artist who showed me that I can weave and quilt in the same piece.

I came home and used what I have to create the pieces here.  I think the possibilities are endless for this idea and I will begin to explore this in a series.

Also came across a new title for artists recommended by Well Read – “Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear,” by Elizabeth Gilbert.