Sandy W.

The Power of Limitations:  This week limitation was an over powering word in my life.  Still time is an issue in my life.  Deadlines that were manageable before the fire now loomed over me plus the unexpected request from a friend that really needed help.  That week is over and all worked out   -- this morning I began to think about getting rid or downsizing the STUFF.  OK what is not necessary – what did I throw out that I ended up replacing, will I need this again mmmm probably not but what if.  You don’t make much progress this way so I decided that if I had a reason for what I am trying to limit I could forge ahead.  My guild member who lost everything in the fire needed STUFF that would not be at the top of the necessities of life for her, I have extra rulers, cutters, needles, thread, etc... 

Several years ago I decided that the fabric purchased for that ? piece is still sitting around – I will solve this problem by taking 2 days and cut fabric for garments.  Doing this makes it very easy to just pick it up on sew – not exactly – everything else seems to jump in first.   Friends gave me Pendleton wools and good silks– too good to pass up.  So Jane said one thing in –one thing out, think I will have to work harder at this.  I do recycle not so exciting quilts and make wearable art, this is fun to do and after the binding is on it’s finished since it is already finished.  My studio is the room that 2 of my daughters shared as they grew up, I thought in the beginning the room was so large that I would never fill it – we have talked about adding on to it but we live in the mountains and we would have to build to the east – problem is septic tank would be under the slab – not a good idea.

I am posting some pictures of this challenge from Jane. 

Most of the fabric is in these two cabinets,

Reading material.  Behind the sheets are the wearable art items.

Cut out some wearable art plus stuff.

This may take a while.