Mary G.

I just moved in the last 6 months, so organized and pared down as far as I am ready to be----for now. The part of the lesson this week that spoke to mewas the guidance to find ways to intentionally shape work. That has been a driving force for me for several years, in my head, and did have a negative effect on the making. Trying to limit the tools and implement focus. I have had a vague and unformed direction, and have been trying to get it on paper to be certain it was honest and attainable. And then a magical off ramp appears in my mailbox, and I am off dreaming someone else’s dreams, and my heart is stunned by their art. So easily distracted.

I am blessed to have a sacred geography that I want to be the content I focus on. A special slice of slickrock desert.  I did the free association and the 2 minutes only scratched the surface. I have had some ideas for several years for a series, and decided that I would make up a project, limit myself to an afternoon, and start do a prototype/study for it. I never ever allow myself the freedom to do a throw-away, every piece has to be analyzed and completed, regardless of how long and how much angst it takes me to complete it. I play with techniques, but not with exploratory pieces. So, I challenged myself, limited myself to 12”x12” made a short list of couple of materials  on hand (marbled silk organza that I love to create but have used sparingly), and it had to be done after lunch Monday and completed 7pm. Stop overanalyzing and run with your gut. The time flew.  The excitement built. All done but an edge treatment. Started dinner at 7pm and closed studio door. Speed creation mission completed

Oh my, what I learned! That I can trust my instincts; that the content,  color and form transport me out of the studio and into this place I love so deeply, and that it doesn’t matter if I take the viewer there, that the joy is taking myself there. It was so invigorating and liberating. I both challenged my limitations and imposed the ones I needed to make. Regardless if this was the intent of the lesson, it was a big leap forward for me. Thanks Jane.