Landreth H.

Several years ago I went sky diving ... first time ... jumping from a Cessna four passenger plane. The seat had been removed as had the passenger side door. I simply grabbed the strut that held up the wing, put my foot on to the step I had used to climb in and slid out ... hanging. I remember feeling scared but more excited ... hanging there ... the wind blowing against me ... and then my hands let go!!!

The quiet! No sound but the canopy flapping above me, and there was no sense of falling! As artists we see color, texture, value, contrasts .... oh! Everything was different! The air had light so clear I remember thinking I was seeing through a prism. The movies and pictures we have seen don't get it! Hanging in the sky I could see that proportion and scale can have unusual relationships . The dimension of near and far ... what is dominant and what is not. The change up in perception was even more effected because my feet had very little input. Nor did my hands! I can still touch those memories ... come back to those moments of sensing differently.

My aaaah ha moment wasn't quite as dramatic when I returned to my studio last week ... yet it has been defining also. I pushed myself, as I sense all of us have, to take this journey with Jane to get unstuck, to grow and to challenge myself differently. During my travel time I spent hours considering the questioning and guidance from Jane and each of you as you shared .... with the lessons, essays and your comments (I had a bit of reading time at night.) I have been making and expanding lists.

Jane published the lesson this week in an article I had read earlier and really taken to heart. With her teaching then, I had purged my studio adding appropriate storage, work areas and hanging options. To my hearts content I now live in this space. Because she now asked me to come back and work it again ... I know I need to once more consider if there is more to be done?!!? The answer is yes.

For quite a while I have worked in large format. The piece of my heart here in my studio is 4' x 9' and the smallest I created this year was 3' x 3'. The limit challenge I set myself was to create three small pieces 3" x 3". Yah ... right! Design considerations solid ... hummm this is challenging. I'm definitely a work in progress. And more to come! Thanks for all of you, together we are growing!