Sara N.

Unfortunately as I have been away during the past week I have not had the time to do anything practical.  But it has not stopped me thinking!  (Regretfully something I do too much of at the best of times, as opposed to doing!).  But the following is an opportunity for me to put in writing my on going conversations with myself so I can clearly see what I am thinking.

In Threads magazine, issue 184, the editorial was about permitting some clutter, particularly for sewers, because although it may slow the process down for many reasons, it is the potential it offers and not wanting to give up possibilities.  I responded in issue 185 and my response was published.  I agreed, and basically stated that so much of my stash and tools etc are either memories or dreams.  Memories of who gave it to me, why I acquired it, what I want to do with it, even it is 20 years ago.  Dreams of the processes I am going to try, the outcomes I am going to achieve.

Added to that, the time is fast approaching when I will not be in a position to purchase fabric or tools as I need or want, so I like to hang on to things.  I love the concept of using what I have and to refashion.  I read an amazing book, 'Wardrobe Crisis - how we went from Sunday best to Fast Fashion', and it really gels with me.  But I don't do it enough!  And then, on the other hand,  I love to support small business.  My husband laughs as I keep telling him that if we don't support small business we will lose small business, and then there is so much more we lose.  So whenever I travel I call into every small fabric shop, wool shop etc and make a purchase.

I got up the courage to (really) speak to one of my committee members this week, and it was interesting.  She was telling me why would you want to make a garment when you don't know if it is going to fit, or if you like it, or if it ends up anything like you had in your head, until it is finished.  And all the cost!  She said it would be far easier and cheaper to just go, try clothes on and buy what you need.  And....  she is right in that regard.  So I guess it comes back to the word 'make'.  Why do I 'make'.  I think to make is just the most amazing thing, to take pieces of fabric and yarn and create amazing 3D pieces - clothing for example.  The maths, the creative process, the understanding of materials, it is all so exciting.  And yet I think I lack excitement!  And possibly it is exactly for the reason my committee member said - there is so much unknown about the potential outcome.  So that is what I need to work on, to get the excitement back so that I dive into my sewing room, and don't even think about what needs to be done when around the house or elsewhere and to not feel guilty.

So basically I am not ready to clear out my stock, but I am ready to set limitations, to plan to create an item this week using only what I have at hand's reach, and ...  I am excited by the prospect!  So excited I have been talking to others about it.  A week behind, but it will happen.