Rayne V.

I love clearing things out and the way empty space makes me feel lighter and inspires me to create.  We may be moving in the summer so I'm always looking for stuff I can let go to make the move easier.  It sounds crazy but at the same time I'm cleaning house to move I'm applying for a full time teaching position in case the move doesn't happen.  For every reason I think of to move there's another reason to stay.  I don't know what will happen yet so I'm walking between two future paths right now.

I would have never thought of setting limits as a way to move forward in Art but I tried the scavenge approach to an art idea and was pleasantly surprised with the results. There are children's stories I see in my head that I want to create but I get stuck whenever I try to put things on paper.  Free association list and mining for meaning from an acquisition of images gave me a new way to approach old ideas that I have never done anything with.  After I had a page of word images to go with the story I set a limit to the pages and did a layout of thumbnail sketches for the pictures to go with the words.  The next step is to research more pictures to expand and add detail to the thumbnail sketches.

 Jane, did you write the "marry work and play" haiku at the end of the essay?  If so, I loved the phrase--playing works!  It reminded me of a children's story idea and it was fun to approach it in a different way and hopefully take it forward.

I see something good happening with all these weekly projects that I didn't expect.  This work feels like food for the soul.  When I put time into it, whatever time I have to give, I feel validated as a person like what I think, say and do means something.  It's having a positive effect that is spilling over to other areas.  I didn't realize how important that was.