Amber M. - Addendum

New twist on the Committee and its ongoing effects.

Dyed some fabric during a week's worth of Avoidance Behavior; wanted to make something of it; found a pattern of pinwheel designs made from right triangles cut from strips of contrasting colors. Fed into the "move(ment)" idea I had a couple days ago, but hit a significant snag. I was cutting my strips the wrong size (the directions were unclear to me) thus making the completed strips a whole inch too small for the triangles I needed to cut. Sigh. Another failed project, folded nicely and put in a box on the shelf beside the others.


Mom? Any ideas what I should do? She described a way of sewing and cutting and stacking long strips into a project that would/should be simple but cumbersome. She gave me the original dimensions, which would have made a queen size blanket: FAR larger than anything I'd ever attempted nor wanted to. Plus I'd never be able to quilt it on my little Singer with the smallish throat. I tried scaling it down to more manageable numbers -- by my calculations I should have had something in the arena of 32" by 36" or thereabouts.

I got this:  

It's 48" by 62". Not an unfamiliar size per se, as I've crocheted dozens of 4X6' afghans. Still, it's bigger than anything I've *quilted* and certainly bigger than I expected. I hung it up just loosely and had a look. I like what I got. I didn't plan for this, not at all. Which points to a problem of planning and how I never seem to get what I plan, but when I wander into a project with only a loose set of ideas I'm usually happy with what turns out.

That's a topic for another day. What prompts this note? Well, I shot this photo immediately after dragging it off the machine and pinning it up. Raw, it was: I hadn't pressed it nor trimmed the edges nor even brushed off any stray threads, for I was eager to see the whole effect. I liked it. I wanted to show it off: Mom! Look! You gave me an idea and I did it and look how cool it turned out!

She hadn't seen it when I called her in the evening, promised to look at it in the morning. "If you like it, I'm sure I will, too, honey," was her main critique. I felt I'd been given a nice little pat on the head and sent out to play. 

I get that her arthritis is troublesome, she plans her trips downstairs, and had already finished her quota for the day. I too have a finite number of steps in me per day. So I don't begrudge her sitting in her comfy chair instead of scampering down to the computer to give me the "Ooh it's so pretty, we'll hang it on the refrigerator" sort of praise I think I was hoping for.

That's the rub, friends: She's not going to be giving me that kind of praise. I'm not going to be winning her approval on this one. It's a VERY SIMPLE design, and objectively not all that impressive. To compare: Her first bed-sized quilt? A bargello. King-size. Mine? See above (and it's not even really bed-sized), the directions for which I had to keep changing, when seams landed in the wrong places and colors lined up wrong and the dimensions were different every time I checked them -- the middle of the quilt kept moving!! It turned out to be a bit harder than expected, and, well, a lot of things different from Plan A, which wasn't even this quilt at all!

So I went back to the other pattern, the one with the pinwheels. The one with the corners I wanted to try and match. I talked it over with Mom, we figured out the part where I found the instructions confusing, and I'm going to take another run at it. I'd really like to accomplish that pinwheel project, because it was the first "MOVE(ment)" idea I had. I'd like to try and see it through.

Oh and PS. I totally skipped over the fact that I dyed all the fabrics, made all those lovely ombré fat quarters, and that's a praiseworthy thing all by itself. So I praise my color making! I praise my color choices! I praise my color placements! (Although those were rather random.)