Anita M.

before I start my week 4 I just wanted to thank folk for their comments and that I learn a lot from your posting. I haven’t subscribed to Discus , so haven’t posted comments, I just felt it was important to let you know so you didn’t think I just couldn’t be bothered to post anything.

Week 4

I went to collect my printing off the printer and amongstall the work stuff I’d printed off were the sheets for workshop 4.

The only bit I saw whizzing back through the rain was clear out the studio….

That really resonated with me. I don’t have a studio, most of my things are stored in the loft…a bit haphazardly!

So at the first opportunity I was up there. Feeling pretty ruthless. Just looking at it all was pretty daunting, so much stuff, so I decided the best way to tackle it was to start at one end and do small sections at a time regardless whether it was craft stuff or not.

It actually was really good fun, very liberating, but something really interesting also happened. Having cleared an area, lots of stuff wasn’t mine to throw, so checked with the rest of the family……

Some comments were: it’s taken at lot to get all that together and would take a lot to replace it…this was in regards to a surplus of ski suits.

There were also lots of holdalls and comments were, but there’s nothing wrong with them why get rid of them, they might be useful, especially if we move, we’ll need bags to put things in.

When I said I was going to tackle my boxes of materials next..comment were..but they really useful resources for you, it would be a shame to get rid of them…..that’s what patch work should be made out of, not buying new fabrics to cut up……I have never made anything in patch work and don’t really have any ambition too!

The rest of the family do not consider them self as hoarders, in fact my husband often complains about the amount of stuff we have and we need to clear it out.

Then I had a big break through moment….their stuff is useful…my stuff needs clearing…how did I come to this conclusion when it had been suggested to hold on to my material…well I looked round the house…all the coffee tables have my husbands stuff on…then on closer inspection I realised he is a real gadget man…along with one of my sons, so lots of tech stuff around. Lots of books etc.

As long as my stuff….all female orientate….no surprise there…isn’t cluttering up the house then all is well. .I am the only female in our house.

The final bit to this, is my reaction to moving on the surplus….most of it I took to the charity shop, but that wasn’t easy…as I was putting stuff in the holdalls and thought hmmmm, they look new wonder if I should keep them….they went. The ski stuff….well it’s high value…when we brought it!and I feel we should recoup some of our investment by selling it……so there it sits…in my heart I know I’ll never get my act together and sell it……Similar sort of thoughts on needing to sell my work..interesting

For the final part I choose to work with limitation. In Feb. I have a lot of birthday cards to send…so I decided rather than buy cards, using more of the worlds resources, I’d make them, using some of my fabrics….well OK I did buy a piece from the charity shop as well….difficult when you’re in there not too look!  Result: I enjoyed doing them, they didn’t take long and hopefully the recipients will enjoy them too.

As to the loft…well I haven’t started to sort my fabric boxes…it’s actually snowing here at the moment so rather chilly up there….but I have no intention of just leaving it, moving things does feel rather good!