Sammy C.

My committee -

The photo attached represents my committee.

They are all the same and yet a little different, reflecting the essence of my committee which is formed of one person - myself!

The slight differences symbolise the changing character of self and how we can evolve throughout our life journey to become changed and yet still the same.

The reflection of each symbolises another perspective, in my case that is my spiritual journey and my personal connection with God.

I want to be a better reflection of the artist God created me to be but the committee stands in the way, just as the model stands in front of its reflection.

Dismantling the Committee

This week’s challenge to meet and dismantle the faces or voices that form my committee has been harder than I thought it would be.

The prime factor contributing to the difficulty I have found would be the personal circumstances surrounding me and dominating my consciousness at the moment. My waking moments are filled with concern for my Tribe, bringing to life the instincts of protection, care and love. In reflecting upon the reading, I can recognize how much influence my Tribe has over my personal life and the rules I live by. I will drop everything if they need me and I’m not really as selfish as I feared I might be.

Moving on to consider who might be members of my committee was met, at first, with a big blank. Perhaps it might have been easier if I had gone into my studio and tried to do something, but this is not possible just now, being so far from home as I am. So in taking a mental journey into my inner space, I allowed myself to visualize and worked out I hear my own voice and see the face of God, as in the God of the Bible. So the members of my Committee are me and my Noble Friend God. Perhaps this is a reflection of how far I have actually travelled on the hierarchy of needs, reaching the level of self-actualization, if that is how it works.

Taking this a step further my fears are –

1. Fear of not being good enough to be an artist

2. Fear of giving up too much in order to follow Jesus

3. Fear of losing myself to be what I expect God wants me to be

4. Fear of death