Sarah D.

Note to the loudest voice in my committee

Sarah you can do it. You are a very talented artist and designer who has had a lot of fulfilment and achievement out of your work. This is proof you can do it. Remember how you felt when you were in full flow, being energised by the quickening. It made you feel confident, energised, happy, yourself. You were being true to yourself. Others wanted to be part of it. The voice you hear is there because of negative things that have happened. These things are also experiences that you have learnt from and made you who you are today. The person you were 20 years ago is still there, but so is a wiser Sarah too, who has been through a heck of lot of different experiences. Use all of this in your work. Your work will be even richer for it. Have faith, have strength, be brave, find your inner child. Think how quickly you have bounced back from recent events. Use that strength now. Go for it!