Sue B.

Let me start with the present, I personally believe that the only person who is super critical, the distractor, the underminer is me or a part of me.

Forgotten what Freud said about this, something about Id, Ego, Guilt and Pleasure, but I do know that it is an ongoing battle and a constant pulling to and’ fro.

Focus is the thing, easier said than done at times. I read an interesting book called “Choke” by Sian Beilock, the book deals with students and people in business, but the same or similar scenarios could apply to Sport and the Creative Field too.

Over the years there have been some unforgettable people or should I now say forgettable on my committee. The sewing teacher from high school. The first year we did mainly hand sewing and I spent most of my time outside because my stitches sloped the wrong way (being left handed). Very perplexing to a 13 year old. Second year we moved to a brand new school I can remember going into the science labs with our hands behind our back. We were told very clearly that we were not to touch anything!!!

Then there were those people, mostly females, who had what I call “velvet claws”, very sweet but deadly. “Not one of your best dear” even though you may have spent hours and hours working on the project.

Now I consider myself a wiser, contented, elder who doesn’t really care if someone doesn’t like my work. I like the constructive critic, the exchange of ideas and the infinite interpretations, the creative process is exciting and stimulating the end product is a bonus.