Gay M.

The Committee is Dismissed


I have thought it through:

There’s you and you, 

You, you and you

(and some more just arriving)

That’s a lot of people devoting time

To what I am doing (or not) well (or not)

I thank you for the attention

But I really don’t want it

You see, there isn’t enough cake to go round

And most of the few cups are chipped

Because I wasn’t expecting you

And I won’t continue to pretend

That you are welcome.  You are not.


I am busy and none of you are; not really usefully busy

You are not helpful, kind or amusing so

Go away. 



It may be rude but I don’t care

You shouldn’t be here; just leave


Oh yes,

And, as you won’t be any more welcome 

Another time 

If you are thinking of coming back, don’t.


I am opening all the windows 


You can shut the door as you go.

I like the fresh air

All to myself.