Anne J.

The Tribe

My Tribe is my family all 50 +. I know the number because we are organising a 90th birthday party for my Father next week end and he said he didn’t want a big do only family.  Well its not going to be that small, It’s the first time in years that everyone will be together they are traveling from far and wide to be here. The party will be held in my parents’ house like every other gathering we have as a family, Christmas, Easter, parent’s birthdays, great Grandad day, long lost Auntie day ect ect and most Sundays.

I am the second eldest of seven and have lived next door to my parents with my husband and family for more than thirty years. 

My youngest sister lives next door to me with her family, (the rest of the siblings don’t live too far away either) She and I are the main kitchen crew for the above occasions the others have their jobs too all under the watchful eye of Mum.

We use the gatherings to catch up on each other and our own families, Who is doing what, who is traveling where,( we all have the travel bug especially the next generationand have travelled abroad for work or pleasure at some point over the years.)

The Committee

As I soon as I began writing about the tribe I started to identify the committee, it turns out the whole family are there . The siblings and my parents not the next generation ( I have identified quite a few rebel artists and other rebels in the next generationyaaaah!!!!!)

There is a standing joke in the tribal circle about my inability to follow the rules and both my parents and siblings will often bring this up at family gatherings. Most of the time I take it in my stride and laugh along with them when the cite the long list of the irregular activities ( according to their rules) that I have engaged in over the years.

 It is when I am in my studio and stuck on a project or considering entering my work for an exhibition the I hear the negative voices.

That’s not good enough

Your so disorganised you will never get it together

Are just a few examples of what I hear in my head

 Like jane said I am sure they would all be extremely alarmed and upset if the thought they were on my committee and the cause of my not doing work. 

Because the do support me by coming to any exhibitions/ shows I have participated in, they just don’t understand what it is I do. Last December I made my youngest daughter’s wedding dress and six bridesmaids dresses that is something they can relate to it’s the other stuff as they call it they don’t get.  

To conclude, writing about the committee is far more beneficial than thinking about it as it has allowed me to identify the negative voices and realise its just me not them I am the only one holding me back so just get on with it and stop procrastinating. 

Heading into the studio now to do some work.