Maureen M.

I have been thinking a lot this week about my “committee”. I don’t really have one specific person in mind, I am wondering if I myself am not “Chairman”  of my committee. I often feel like my ideas are not good enough or original enough. When I look at some of the expanded squares from last week I think mine are too amateurish, too simple. I seem to be always comparing myself to others, to not have enough confidence in my own work.

I have been taking classes and reading books written by other artists, trying to find my own style or voice. At this time of my life, I am 68 years old, shouldn’t I have found myself? Isn’t it time to shut down the turmoil in my mind and just work?

A sub-committee is the people who ask “What are you going to do with it?” Isn’t the piece enough to stand on its own?

In school my embroidery, (fancy work, in Australia), was never tidy enough on the back side, my drafting pattern was torn in two “wrong”. My husband never shows any interest in my work, “doesn’t look very warm, not useful, what is it for?”

My quilting friends are very traditional, don’t seem to understand what I am trying to do.