Chris C.

The Committee

I wrote a looooong piece for this week’s homework and it’s been a very useful exercise in self-analysis. Thank you. However I have decided to post only a little of it – it seems too personal and a little disloyal to my father, who is the Chairman of my Committee. He was a lovely and gentle man, but very conservative, not a risk taker, yet with an air of authority that has shaped a lot of my character. Pleasing Dad was always a constant in my life.

My father introduced me to ‘Art’ as a child through appreciation of the old masters, and it was a beautiful bonding between us. However I feel they are all still sitting on my shoulder making sure I do things ‘properly’. The illustration shows them, Dad as a stick figure, guarding the black square from last week, keeping it pure and intact.

Recently I have been very excited because I am actually discovering my textile/quilting voice. It’s only happened in the last few months, and being a working mother of two teenage kids, finding time is a challenge - but it is happening! It’s obviously time to shake off Dad’s conservative values and overly cautious approach.  Much as I loved him (Dad), Rembrandt et al really don’t have a place in my textile art.