Sharon R.

Rules in my sewing room and who made them

("My Sewing Room" is used for all things creative  - spinning, knitting, and beading.)

Thou shalt be productive. 

That means finishing and quickly.

I think this has something to do with work ethic.  I need to demonstrate that I am working hard and have something to show for it.  It is the way that I judge myself at the end of every day.  

Could have something to do with my dad too.  He was disappointed that I did not tread a more traditional path ( I came of age in the 60's), so I need to prove that I can be non-traditional and still a hard-working and good person. Of course he is long dead now so I guess I don't have to do that any more. Ha!

Don't be weird.

When I make something unusual, I don't have confidence that it is good.  Maybe it is just silly, or weird, or crafty in the worst sense of the word, or looks "home-made."

Committee members:  all those elegant people out there.

You are being unsocial if you stay in the sewing room all day.

Self- explanatory.  Committee members:  friends I didn't see today and husband who is sitting in the other room watching tv by himself.   I think this is all in my imagination.  My husband has never complained about my time being crafty. My friends are envious that they do not have something they are so passionate about.   

  Current event:  I signed up for a sewing workshop tomorrow sponsored by our local sewing guild which I have belonged to forever. After going to the introduction tonight, I realize that there is not going to be anything new or inspirational there for me. I would rather spend that precious day in my sewing room but I feel so guilty about not supporting the guild and not spending time with my friends. 

Use your time efficiently. 

Although this sounds like a good rule, somehow it results in my dithering, being indecisive.  I have many projects I want to do or need to do (knit a sweater for my grand nephew just like I have for all the others).  I spend a lot of time trying to decide which project should be the priority. I have so many ideas in my head but can't seem to pull it together into the right project that I can start.  And I can't start it until I have it all figured out and know that I can finish it and that it will look good.

(Sigh!). Think I'll go cut out that red shirt . . .