Jane P.

This lesson really spoke to me!

I sat down to read the downloaded lesson and wrote and wrote.

The most wonderful realization that all the 'baron years' away from the studio were not a bad but a good thing!!

They should now be called the Re-Alignment Years :) !

Life was changing all around me and I failed to see that my practice was ready for a change too.

Over the past 4 years I was away from the studio a lot due to family commitments.

By writing for the exercises I have come to see that during that time many new skills have come my way, as have new people and experiences which had an influence on my creative self.

So now I feel that I am wanting to tackle some of the ideas floating around my head in the studio.

So watch out those who want to stop me the committee is being banished and the rebel is coming to the fore!

For the skills list in part 1 I was quite surprised how my skills list developed. It was quite easy to discard techniques I am rubbish at and it left a lovely list of those I love and a few which could do with a refresher course.

Writing about my personal style was illuminating, having never really done this before.

I ended up with a 4 page essay, which would take an age to type, and bore anyone else.

My writing showed me that I have favourite techniques , such as fine hand stitching,which have to change because my hands are not as agile as they once were. Also that not being in the studio meant that my creative self was not being ignored.

During this time Kent Creative Live was formed and I became a member. Through this I have met some very inspiring people, had new opportunities, and have been on several digital photography courses. So I now have lots of new artistic friends, an ever increasing collection of photographs and some opportunities to do something with all this new knowledge. 

Also the bi-monthly Best of Faversham markets started ,alongside the main street market, to help regenerate the high street in Faversham.

For this I had a stall once a month where I sold items from my 'unsold collection', tie dyed baby clothes and t-shirts. Unfortunately due to ill health I have had to give up the stall this year.......but never mind another opportunity comes along in the form of an online shop. My eldest son works in digital marketing and is willing to help!

So this part of the assignment has had quite an impact on me and makes doing this course so worthwhile.

Thank You Jane!

Part Two

For the critique I have chosen three digitally manipulated images I have had professionally printed then worked into.

The Watch House at Oare Marshes Reserve Kent.

This is a very popular place for walkers, ornathologists, ecologists, fishermen, sailors and wild fowlers.

Many just accept this building and walk past it without thought, as it is locked and barred due to vandalism.

By digitally enhancing the photograph I took, I hope others would look and see what I see.

This piece has not been stitched into as at the time I felt it was unnessasary. Looking again I now think it would benefit from some stitch around the building, fences and the foreground plants to give more depth.

2. Millennium Bridge

I took this photograph from the banks of the Thames looking across to Tate modern.

I love this picture and have always thought it to be complete.

It has been exhibited a couple of times and many comments have been favorable but it has never sold.


-perhaps I have not stitched enough into the bridge infrastructure

-I like the rushed blur of people crossing the bridge and the feeling of the river flowing below.

-bringing out the street lamp by using stitch may create a greater depth.

3. Faversham Museum and Gallery

This building is fascinating and dates back to the 14th Century.

Sited on one of the main shopping streets of the town the 'locals' often walk past without looking as it has become so familiar.

I took the photograph and digitally manipulated the colours  and used stitch to reveal feature of the building.

I think the architectural features of the building are brought out by the angle at which the photograph was taken.

The character of the medieval buildings are put together seems to come out to me

Again perhaps I stopped stitching too soon!