Beverley S.

Patched With Love

I've chosen to share this piece which is my latest finished piece. I finished it just at the beginning of this course. It is the first in a series based on love and what it means to me.

My thoughts based on alignment are;

It reflects my joy of the obsessive - there are so many tiny stitches that will might even go unnoticed but I like that.

It is not bound on the edges or has a finished/neat look. I like this, it is me.

I spent longer on it than I intended. It was truly a labour of love. At the time it caused me concern in how I was going to price it. Now after doing this course I know I can't let this dictate a piece I am working on or I might never strengthen and grow. 

It grew out of one small scrap then adding another, no measuring - my favourite way to work, organically.

I would have liked it bigger - I have a yearning to stretch myself creatively 

I knew from the start I wanted "word" within it. I didn't like my stitched wording, it is clumsy and messy. I should have taken my time. I would like to improve and develop my love of text using stitch.

I intended making this as a mixed media piece at the outset, I chickened out. Just used fabric. Stayed in my comfort zone.