Sue Ann S.

Trying to keep up with the group, so much to think about.  And no kidding, the writing is the key to clarity.  Who knew!

I find myself in Jane’s examples.  I am a weaver who wants to go a new road.  But wait, I have been at this crossroads before.  Here is an example of my early work, when my loom was in storage due to a move to a new city.  I still NEEDed to make something.  So I used what I had on hand.

This is perfection to me.  I wouldn’t change a thing.

Nylon tubular webbing sewn into a canvas on my sewing machine, then painted and found objects used to make this landscape.  My memory of a canoe trip down the head waters of the Missouri River in 1985.

I used what I had and all the skills I had – it was fun! 

I am working on giving myself permission to get back to this ‘fun’, to stop weaving, to stop trying to sell my work, to stop looking for validation on that road.  I had my most successful year in 2015.  Artemisia Artwear in Taos sold several pieces, some within days of arriving at the shop.  So I am thinking selling is not my end goal.

Here is where I am today – this is one of the things I am working on currently – I do my best work when I have several things cooking at the same time.  But I will leave the story of the Dollies to another post.

I added the 100 trade bead wafers to this for last week’s homework. (100 things really isn’t all that many in the realm of obsessive I learned)  I’ve added several more cross weave strips since I took this and have decided to add more wafers (a bit larger) coming from other sides.  I made the background fabric by weaving together strips of dyed and stamped cotton fiber.  A work in progress.

Am I on the right track? 

I don’t have that answer yet, so I am just going to keep going….but I’m having fun again.