Nancy N.

The what are you good at/what do you like exercise perfectly complemented an exercise I’d done earlier this year. I called the earlier one Blueprint — a list of things I like, such as texture, typeface, trees, and so on. Blueprint lists images I would put IN my art. Now I have a list of what I do, my level of proficiency, and my level of enjoyment. Now I can put the two lists together and move ahead with my art. That’s alignment.

I took action. Ironing: low in proficiency and with no enjoyment. I bought a new iron, the old one having been here for decades. I don’t know that it will help me enjoy ironing, but when I have to iron something, perhaps it won’t be so onerous.

The Jury of One: ME

I recently completed a purple nest. The inspiration came from a photo of a bushtit nest in a manzanita tree. Apparently the birds had used manzanita bark and twigs because the nest was purple. It appealed to me and I wanted to make one. 

I enjoyed finding the right materials, dyeing some of the fibers, painting the leaves, turning photographs of flowers into attachable flowers. I lost interest part way through the knotless netting, deciding maybe the nest should have been smaller.

I found it really difficult to critique it. I looked through Jane’s list and tutorial and still couldn’t critique the nest. I tried pretending it is someone else’s work, but that didn’t work either.

I looked at some nests I’d made a year or two ago and decided it was much easier to critique the colors, shapes, etc. I think I’m too close to the making of the purple nest to separate it from me.