Eva C.


reading the lesson on alignment reminded me of how i felt while working on Threads of Time 1 (ToT) -

looking back on it i remember:

  • feeling really excited when i found my way into it - when i started to develop images of text as design elements 
  • realising that i had the skills and knowledge of the techniques i wanted to use 
  • enjoying the sampling and experimenting while i built up the design elements
  • being surprised at the patience and persistence i applied to some of the handstitching - as well as the quality of some of the stitching i did
  • my delight that i had enough ideas and energy for more than one piece - creating three pieces in different formats and materials was quite a surprise
  • the final satisfaction that i felt over what i had created for this project

it seemed that everything had fallen into place, although not by chance, i had made it happen - it was an indication of what i could achieve

i don't think i have hit that "groove" in the same way since then, certainly not to the same degree - if that is an example of alignment i am glad i have experienced it and look forward to being back there - but, as i said, it's an indication of what i can do ......again ..... when i find the jumping off point just around the corner

no pressure, but meanwhile CST is helping me to identify how i can hit that groove more regularly and consistently - but i don't expect it to come easy

PS - i posted about ToT on my blog while i was working on it