Lesson Three - Lynne P.

This is about getting rid of the committee or the tribe, the people in your head who disapprove.

The tribe don't like it when someone goes into new territory.  When I read this I immediately thought of M.  I can see her as a little dog, who comes wagging her tail, then licking the paint off my painting behind my back, like a dog licking your dinner plate when your not watching – she has to go in the dog cage, even though she is a lovely person.

Also R because her work is so great and I would like her to think the same of mine.  She is the teacher, always asking me why I am doing what I am doing, I see her in cap and gown, she has to go out on playground duty in the rain, even though she is a lovely person too.

Mum is always in my head, I can't see her as anything but my mum, worried about 'what people might think'. She had better go to a party with my dad (who never judged anybody in his life) and my mum can get a bit tipsy 'in front of everybody’;  ‘what will people think’ ;  ‘don't be silly’ and she will find out they don't care anyway.

Perhaps I had better have G as well - she is the bossy know all, brilliant painter who is condescending about other people's work - she had better have her skirt tucked into her knickers, just to show she isn’t as perfect as she makes out.

I finally got together a picture, using pics from the internet.  They are all looking so funny,  at the party, all a little tipsy except M who doesn't drink, but as she is in the dog cage in the corner they don't get a drink anyway.  I decided to put them all in a frame, just so they can't get out, and leave them there. I am feeling better already.