Lesson Three - Kaylene M.

I have been thinking about the members of my committee for a few weeks and the committee has their place but there are some members that need to go.

The "good" members have titles

The Deadline 

The Design Elements and Principle

The what If

A word about each, I could not do without Deadline and her position is vital even when she nags. The Design elements and principle member sometimes has to put up with my arguments and she does not always win and that is when I seek the advice of What If who is there lurking in the background of the argument and we all usually come to some agreement.

The "bad" committee members, well what can I say as I have asked them to resign:

I have not agreed with Perfect Free Motion Quilter for years and she is the first to go, I do not need her glaring at me over my shoulder when I begin to quilt, she reminds me of the fashion model with her perfect figure and make up. So she is being replaced by a new member of the committee Walking Foot Quilter.

Another committee member that is on notice is Why are You Doing This she is so annoying she is always whining about some reason or another I think she is the worst, she knows why I  frustrate myself and push to do new techniques rather than settle into the ones I have been using for years, so she is out...out...out