Lesson Three - Jane P.

I have done a great deal of thinking this week. 

Firstly the poem:

I found this a deeply meaningful insight into life and how all experiences are valid.

Also you should listen to these experiences good or bad to help you chose your path and grow.

No one knows which direction this path will take you but the insight will help you make the correct choice for you.

Secondly the essay:

Isn't it weird when a theory that was central to my teaching in adult education appears elsewhere!

Reading about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in the context of creativity has made be think hard about what I need to create.

I had forgotten to apply most of the theory to ME!! Family and others always seem to come first........ Note to me.

____  Learn to build your self confidence by loving and taking care of yourself! Life is too short to wait for my needs to be convenient for everyone else around.

So the worst member of my committee is ME.

There should be:

  • no what if's
  • I'll just go and.....
  • it wont be good enough
  • shame to start now as....

In reality I have the time now as all my children have left home and only my husband and a bossy Cairn terrier called Megan make any demands.

There are lots of ideas rolling around in my head so I should stop prevaricating and do it.

Resolve the issue by:

  • clearing all the accumulated clutter out of my studio
  • give myself 3 days a week as 'studio time'
  • learn to say no to others occasionally
  • create good habits
  • chase away the demons
  • take confidence that I have exhibited previously and sold

Results this week:

Where I live is by a tidal creek surrounded by history, ecology and beauty, so while walking the dog I have been taking photographs for inspiration.

Also I have just read Cas Holmes's new book Stitch Stories.

Plus I have made up my daughter's wedding dress in calico for a first fitting.

So may be the ''committee member'' is beginning to be shut out by the rebel in me.

Thank you Jane for sparking off this train of thought and starting a new pathway.