Lesson Three - Sarah S.

As I am at the beginning of any creative endeavours, I'm not at the stage where I have to put anything out there, so am yet to experience any fears regarding resistance to or judgement of my work.  

Those little pieces of work I have shown I've been able to accompany with the disclaimer "I'm just learning the technique" which takes the pressure off me. 

I don't wish to be sounding over confident here, in fact I could say that the world is my committee, especially those artists who are experienced or formally trained, but I'm still determined to have a go myself!  

On the whole I've been pretty well received by people who support my need to find something for me. 

There is however one large real life committee member (or maybe noble friend) who feels that I should be waiting until the children are grown before pursuing something like art. That kind of resistance I'm pleased to say brings out my rebel, it's like a rock in my river which I'll gently flow round...

I would hate for anyone to read this as arrogance, please just put it down to enthusiasm and an unwillingness to let anyone real or imagined stop me from doing something I'm thoroughly enjoying.