Lesson Three - Nancy N.

A little history — As a young mother I took up embroidery as a way to express my creativity. I joined a stitchery guild and a subgroup of us met monthly, discussing, suggesting, supporting. A workshop with Constance Howard changed my direction. She taught us knotless netting which enabled me to move into three-dimensional abstract art.

I detoured to a career of building and managing my own consulting firm. In my tribe/world of nonprofits, I had more than one committee. Years passed, and I did little with fiber art. My business grew and consumed my time. Then I fell in love, married, and found myself with idle hands watching television in the evening with my husband. I turned once again to stitchery and began to develop the series Sea Creations.

Anyone who creates abstract art hears “What is it?” as if every thing one makes must represent something — a flower, a landscape, a portrait OR it must be something — a quilt, a vest, a dishtowel. Those who ask “What is it?” might have been on my committee at one time, but not now.

My fiends are generous with their support, compliments, encouragement. They bring me yarn, twigs, shells, lichen for my creations. They are not a committee.

Now, I have no committee, but would sure like one — a positive, helpful committee — a small group of fiber and abstract artists— women who are passionate about what they are making.