Lesson Three - Jamila I.

There’s only one voice in my committee - my own! I often feel that my work isn’t good enough, not for other people, but for myself, and that I’m not reaching the potential that I believe I’m capable of reaching. At least I believe that I CAN reach that potential, so it’s not hopeless but of course it can be very frustrating and draining when I fall short in my own eyes, and can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. At the same time, I’m always surprised when other people, whose opinions I value, praise my efforts or are interested in what I’m doing.

This committee challenge is actually quite a big one for me in that my current self-imposed journey of creative and spiritual development is all about searching within myself and digging deep in order to reach my true potential – that’s hard work sometimes!

I have four “kindred spirit” textile friends in particular (M, C, P, and S) who are each in their own way hugely supportive, encouraging and inspiring. The beauty of kindred spirits is that they tell it like it is, but aren’t judgemental and always offer up a suggestion or an idea for moving forward again.

So, these four friends are beginning to weaken the negatives from my one committee member and with their help, I’m beginning to realise that my committee member could be encouraged to mutate into my (best) Noble Friend i.e. can I use the obvious power and influence of the self-critic to strengthen and enrich the self-development that I aspire to? I’m determined to try, starting right now!