Lesson Three - Alicia C.

          It was interesting to read this week’s essay and assignment and reflecting on my own life experiences. There is no question that the strongest member of my committee is my mother. She was always a person larger than life, a civil rights activist, a business person, a political force and always appeared so self confident and sure of herself. As I grew older she had more power and influence and I never felt like I was good enough or could gain her admiration in my life.
I arrived in Florida last week to celebrate her 85th birthday and for the last ten years as I have had to care for her more and we have been able to share more, I have come to learn how things were not always as they seemed. She suffered many injustices as a child and through her years and in fact she had many insecurities.
          I never remember art being a part of my life until the early 1990’s when I started with a mixed media collage class at a local art center and it then grew to a love of surface design on fabric and throughout this experience I can only appreciate the wonderful art instructors and fellow students who taught and helped me grow. I appreciated all feedback. Yet, it is the settings where I felt most comfortable.
          Yet, now that I want to proudly say and be recognized as a artist don’t feel that assurance . It is why after 7 months still have a website in progress . I guess it is why I am here.