Lesson Two - Beverly S.

Sorry everyone I am so behind and only just sending this through. I found this exercise enormously enlightening about myself.

Firstly, I have no problem letting  my inner rebel come forth. This is my first go after which I realised I had not followed the instructions. So it is cut right through the middle and I just did what happened as the blade cut. This revelation has filled my thinking this week.

Then I followed the guidelines for a while 

Then I tried to work with a fiddle design I drew first before cutting 

This final one is cutting the square in half then one side cut freestyle curves and then the other half straight edges and sharp angles

I discovered I have a huge issue with working out how to mirror and I kept glueing the wrong side. To get it correct I really have to concentrate hard.

I feel this exercise could have huge potential to challenge a traditional method of embroidery, I would find it fun to challenge!

I'm unsure when it is right to employ my inner rebel..........more tousling with this is needed.