Lesson Three - Christy G.

I always assume that I get in my own way.  My husband is supportive in time/energy/desire/space, AND I can trust his eye to look at my work critically when I ask for it. My friend, C, is very supportive, but I think I want her to expect more from me - I always wonder if she considers it ART.  In re-reading the essay, in my mind, she is my Noble Friend.

My biggest fear or struggle is the ART COOL KIDS in the region.  I don’t feel welcomed most days and certainly not as a practicing artist.  The rub is that I am an arts professional that has placed their art in projects.  I realized with this exercise that I carry a lot more around with me than I necessarily put a face to when I am in the studio - or maybe the bigger problem is that I let them lock me out of my studio.  The backhanded compliments, the feelings of never quite measuring up.

I only need to please myself. To make the work that I feel strongly about. That speaks to the things that move me. That is beautiful and finely crafted. That pushes boundaries of my comfort zone. That explores other ways to communicate. That are not always about being a ‘textile’ artist, but just an artist.  To claim my own voice.