Lesson Two - Jeanette L.

This was so fun and I thoroughly enjoyed this exercise!  I had not done anything like this before and hadn't heard of Notan before either.  Guess I need to get out more ;)

For my first attempt I thought that because Valentine's Day is coming up I'll keep it simple and cut out heart shapes.  Thought this looked pretty cool.

Last year I was pretty much obsessed with owls and drew owls, stitched owls, felted owls and also made some owl themed books.  Now I had to try my hand at an expanded square owl.  I'm happier with my first attempt as the owl looks like an owl.  Not so sure about my 2nd attempt and that's supposed to be a mouse between the 2 owls. (pictures 7459V & 7463V)

Now to get on with thinking out of the box & here I went right down the middle.  Fun! 

The next day I really felt like doing something with only straight lines and voila.  For some reason I kept messing up with putting glue on the wrong side even though I was sure I had it right.  Live & learn.

For this last one I really tried breaking away from any set idea and just went with how I was feeling which was rather bumpy and curvy.  I tried going one way and then oh - why not go this way or add a curve here or take out a bit there.  This is the one I like the most.

In the felting, dyeing and stitching I do I'm really trying to ask myself more all the time - what if I try this colour in the dye pot or what if I try some running stitches around this line.  "What if and why not" are 2 questions that I'm working on adding to thoughts.  Thanks for this exercise Jane as it forced me to think outside the box and be creative.