Lesson Two - Gillian C.

I found this week really interesting once I started thinking ‘why’.  Although hadn’t done this exercise before, I remember enjoying doing similar ones at college.  I immediately tried something different, cutting into a patterned origami shape and cut off the corner without thinking.  I decided to try following the ‘rules’ for a couple of squares, making them symmetrical.  A bit better, but more fun to make them asymmetrical.  I began approaching like a puzzle – how big could I make the piece whilst still keeping the rules.   I made some loosely based on cutting letters.

Went back to cutting the origami squares and added more to page – it has potential.  Finally, I cut shapes from a square, with the only ‘rule’ the shapes had to all come from one square.  This felt more fun and less rigid.

I didn’t like the gluestick marks I ended up with – I wanted things to look right.  Analysing this a bit further, I think it is because I am insecure in being an artist and so want everything to look great to prove that I am a good artist.  I wasn’t good at art at school and as confirmed from these exercises and what others have made, it takes me longer than others to get to something interesting.  I get there in the end.  I keep telling my students everyone is creative, so perhaps I need to take some of my own advice!  I need to stop worrying about the outcome and just relax and allow myself to enjoy the process without judging.  Easy to say...  And part of the reason I am doing this course, so thank you for this exercise.