Lesson Two - Carole S.

My rebel artist floats and swims and dives deep into my creative pool.  I love this. I am not afraid of breaking rules.

My rebel artist can also just get in the way of my process—like in this exercise. Sometimes I resist instruction for no good reason.  I realize that I need to pause when I resist instruction and examine why I’m doing that.  Most interestingly, when I started the activity,  I knew that I needed to use an Exacto knife but instead I just cut with scissors because the Exacto knife was…somewhere in my studio and I didn’t feel like looking for it.  This decision to ignore the instructions inhibited my ability to cut intricately so my designs are bold and a bit boring.

I love this exercise—as a modern quilter, I should do this a LOT to generate new ideas for blocks and quilts.  Using an Exacto knife AND small sharp scissors.