Tineke H.

Themes and Variations

This is a piece of work I did quite some years ago and it hangs on my studio wall because I like it.

I called it “Pathways of the Mind” . It is a piece of bonded wool and mohair fibres in which rose petals were embedded. I did rows of chain stitching and added pieces of machine knitting using fine yarn and some glitter and stretching the pieces out while stitching them on. The title came to me when viewing it from a distance and seeing the outline of a woman’s profile. It reminded me of that drawing in which there is a beautiful woman on one side and a witch’s face at the other. It is bonded onto a piece of fairisle knitting in mixed colours of fine yarn keeping to the purple and rusty side of the spectrum. It is certainly not perfection but its unruly outline with the controlled stitching I thought worked OK.

It never sold, though much admired of course  but  the “you are so clever “ and” I could never do that” are words that still resonate…. I would love everyone to pull this to pieces so to speak, because I never did much more in this area again ….I am made of stern stuff so please feel free to criticize….