Sarah S.

The phrase 'you have generated a skill set - the things youknow how to do' has been so good for me.   When I gave up my career 10 years ago to be a stay at home mom I struggled with the feeling that I 'didn't know how to do anything' other than be a mom.  I now view what I have been learning over the past year as a 'skill set', that's a great feeling!

Obviously I am no where near 'mastering' any of the skills yet, but am enjoying picking and choosing what I fancy learning mainly from online sources and the fact that I can fit all this around my family life is a real bonus.

What I am good at:

Distant learning and working alone.  I'm not afraid to 'have a go' at things

- I love colour and enjoy using it.

- Yoga - I love yoga and it influences how I view life and creative work.

- Tenacity and focus - Im determined to get there, wherever there is!

What I like to do:

All the above I think!  I am in the position at the moment to choose what I want to learn and work on, and haven't outgrown anything, so in that respect I am lucky.

Skills I would love to have are:

- The ability to dye neutral colours as these are what I would really love to work with but I haven't managed to crack that one yet!

- Better skills in free motion quilting - many more hours of practice needed there I think...

- Piecing. I am currentlly taking a course in traditional patchwork.  Its not really a natural fit with me, but I want to learn the traditional ways before moving on.

- Abstraction.  I would love to be able to make abstract work, from this side of the fence I think it requires a certain confidence which I expect probably comes partly with experience (at least I hope so!).


Ha ha, I've struggled to answer this one as I've no idea how to describe what it looks like, but I know it when I see it. To me, perfection is somewhat overrrated and to set out trying to attain it is way too much pressure.   My way of working towards it has to be to make things based on what I love.  I am finding learning new techniques to be so freeing as it helps enable me to create a textile version of my thoughts and feelings.  

The attached pictures are of me working towards abstraction... I'm currently taking an online journal quilt course which each month tackles some new techniques which I take away and play with to fit in with my chosen theme.  Obviously the theme is based around the photo I took on holiday last year.  Perfection?  Far from it, but as long as I am progressing, thats good enough for now.