Randi W.

I am taking a surface design in felting class and the piece in the photos ispart of the nuno felting assignment.  I find that one way to really view my work dispassionately is to set it somewhere that I will come upon it throughout my day and see it “by surprise” in a way. I find I will get intuitive hits, like “Oh it needs this”  or “I can see this area has a hole”  or something.  I did this with this piece during the week and it isn’t finished by any means but I found that throughout this past week have been seeing new things as I ran into it unexpectedly while doing other things.  I realized that it was looking a lot like the hills out in back of my house and that’s what it really wanted to be. I ripped off the silks at the top to expose the blue“sky”area.  The ridgeline of the hills was really close to the way the hills are behind my house and I could see where to add some silks to make it even more like that.  Then today when I ran into it again I saw it needed clouds and some wildflowers.  For me this is alignment as well—I am most at home in my creativity when I am creating impressions of the beauty around me.  Most of the people in the class are creating abstracts but I really can see the hills that I love so well and so I am going to stay “aligned” and try to create my vision of these beautiful hills that I love. I am new to felting so this is all a learning experience for me, I don’t have a lot of pre-conceived tricks to bring to it.