Lesson Two - Trisha F.

Hi. At last - half done. Doing this has been very interesting for me. I learned so much about my process which goes like this - think for a week and run through lots of ideas in my head. Discard heaps in my head and finally, often too late do something.  I can cover myself because I really didn't do it properly and so it's a failure anyway. And if not we'll that's a bonus.  I looked at other work on the website and the interesting work other people did and thought "oh my gosh. I would never think of that. Oh that is so good."

My actual process was interesting as well. I started by working on squares of 15 inch paper so I would have enough room. Duh, I only need 21/2ins on each side to do the exercise. By the time I got to it I was wanting to cut through the middle and see it  the integrity of the square was retained. Then I moved into a workbook.  Now I need to think about changing my process and my thought process as well.