Lesson Two - Tjitske W.

Expanding squares was a new one for me. I had lots of fun with this exercise. Especially when I found that I could just have a look at some of my photos to see if I could find any shapes that would lend themselves to being used in this way.  My black and white expanded square is based on plant images photographedlast autumn. I think it is somewhat out of balance but I like the exuberance of it.  The lilac and pink image --well, that was a different story:

Jane, I really appreciated your audio message. Very useful. I already knew that my inner rebel is probably not my biggest problem, but because of your audio I started thinking about what the problem or problems could be.  One of them is that I abhor being bored and being boring, so I decided I should do the boring thing of just cutting small circles out of a square to see where that would lead me and not worry about how boring the result would be. This is why I include the second (lilac and pink) image. I'm not sure myself about  how boring the end result is, but hey, I did it, and that for now seems the main thing.