Lesson Two - Kerstin S.

When I started this exercise I never expected how interesting it would be, even leading to philosophical thoughts :) Here are some of them:

- You can't stay inside a second square form when you cut bigger forms than the quadrant triangle allows. Means I will end with something which is outside the square, beyond the expectations of the "normal" people,  of my inner committee members?

- I like it when the new form doesn't relate to a square anymore. Changes are interesting and can be beautiful

- Regular shapes can develop into irregular ones, for examples if you go to the third dimension

- I have to make decisions because there are several possibilities I can place the cut pieces

- You can't stay in the lines/borders if you break the rules!

So if I claim more space outside the prevailing opinions am I allowed to do so? Do I inevitably claim spaces of other people (partner, family, friends etc.)? And who can give me permission to do so? Will I become a burden of society if I live an artist's life? I don't think so but there are such questions from time to time in my head ... :)