Lesson Two - Jane M.

I have never come across this exercise before but it is the kind of thing that appeals to me and I enjoyed making expanded squares, well mostly I did!  I hate glue sticks and they did get a bit fiddly at times but on the whole it was good. 

My immediate thoughts about my inner rebel are that it doesn’t need any encouragement and will most likely get me into (more) trouble!  However, this exercise did make me think that while I may have no problem rebelling about things like housework there may be other areas where a bit of rule-breaking might not go amiss. 

Unfortunately this has been a very busy week so I haven’t had a great deal of time in the studio.  I did the squares in two sittings.  The first four were done shortly after we got the lesson and then I did another two this evening.  The last one hardly looks like a square any longer and on the whole I’m pleased with them as a first attempt.  I will do these again.  I think they would be a good warm-up exercise and I might try doing them as a regular thing every morning for a while.