Lesson Two - Helen M.

This was definitely an exercise that took me out of my comfort zone and I struggled to make myself do it at all.  I think I have bad memories of doing these or something similar in high school which was an intensely unhappy period for me.  It's also very rare for me to work with strong graphical images in any way, most of my work involves more subtle shadings and colour blends.

I did start to loosen up and enjoy it more once I started breaking the square up a bit more and I can see the possibility of playing with some of the shapes a bit more at some point in the future.

In other news, by procrastinating and avoiding doing this exercise I have got more stitching done in the past week than I have managed in some time. Silver linings.

On the first page I quite like the spiderweb effect and the palm tree like shape. The second page has what I call my piece of broken glass.