Lesson Two - Christy G.

I actually loved this process; I was more engaged than I have been in a really really long time. The most interesting part of the week to me was when I just could not get into my studio with health issues.  I was spent time imagining what I would do with this exercise.  I have forgotten how much and important this part of studio practice is to me - the working things through in my head before I ever sit down to do the work.  In many ways it keeps me in the act of creating in between the actual doing of it.

The first piece was several iterations in.  Then I stopped and listened to the recording from mid-week and thought more about my approach.  I realized that I was taking an easy route of working with very comfortable and comforting imagery, or trying too hard to make something pretty rather than really letting loose.  The next experiments were with a different shape and still fall within my comfort zone.  The last piece really welcomed my rebel in the house.  After I made my cuts, I realized that they did not go back together in the mirror fashion.  As I was placing them on the paper, I saw interesting shadows.  I wanted to explore the dimensional aspects and the shadows created from these shape, then I threw three pieces away.