Lesson Three - Nisha C.

My Committee

I had to work quite hard at this exercise as I like to think I don't worry about what people think. But I clearly do, as I don't think I’d feel so stuck with my work and realise that my work for the past few years has been so compromised to a    point where I too don't recognise it myself!!

How did I let that happen? 

My Committee:

In laws - Felt like I had to conform somewhat to fit in with my new married life.

Old teachers - You're a knitter not a printer?!? Not sure about this as I love both.

Art Groups - Themed Exhibitions that never suited my style and I made work that I thought would ‘sell’.

Curator - of the last ‘proper’ exhibition I had in the Museum of Modern Art in 

Kyoto. The work I showed there became my signature and I felt that I had reached the top of my career and anything I produced after that was no good.

My peers - Old college friends that have ’made it’ in the Textiles world making me feel inadequate in my head.

My last teaching job - A very prestigiousschool in UK where all the teachers and pupils had to follow very strict rules! And I think my work became very safe.

Thank You for this exercise. It really opened my eyes.