Lesson Three - Jennifer M.

First up on my committee - my mother! She loves it when I do the traditional embroidery/stumpwork/quilting/smocking, but if its anything a little bit different then the voice starts that it's not as good.

My grandmother, who rather than appreciating the outfit I made for my 21st birthday said she didn't like it and don't lets start on my choosing patterns by Japanese designers!

Mrs Gawn my old piano teacher complete with rapping over the knuckles and blaming me for a performance ruined by a squeaky pedal and the audience laughed...I've never been able to play in public since (including family) and even to get up and speak to a group of people makes me feel sick.

My husband who thinks it's fine to interrupt when I am in the studio, when I am in the middle of working.

The principal who snidely referred to my textile work as 'working on your cross stitch'. Now I have done cross stitch work, but the tone in which it was said was just to try and denigrate what I love.

It has been a relief to get this out, rather than just having this committee of voices going through my head.