Lesson Three - Randi W.

  One memory that I would like to share is that one of my Dad, on the left in the cartoon.  He was an engineer, very mathematical and precise.  He never quite understood his dreamy imagination-driven daughter and he really didn’t understand her art.  One day while I was showing him a painting I had just done of a very impressionistic moment I had experienced watching the sun set between some Fall trees, there was just a glorious fusion of light and color that I tried to capture in my watercolor and I was thrilled with the result! He stood looking at it a long time and said with some frustration in his voice, “Couldn’t you just paint a train?”  I put him on the Committee saying that because I find I run into that attitude a lot, people who equate realism with Art.  Somehow the way my Dad said that with the image of a very mechanical, clean-lined realistic train brought the irony of our artistic visions into a virtual and metaphorical train wreck.  It always makes me laugh and now, in my 60’s I do hold to my vision and remember that when people try to undermine my work by saying it’s not “realistic enough.”   In my cartoon, I am the CEO saying,  “You’re fired!”