Lesson Three - Louise B.

The Committee

My husband first. We now live in a condo, on the same floor we have our bedrooms, my studio, the kitchen and living/dining room, all very close to my studio. My husband cooks, but I have to tell him what to cook; he needs my help with the computer where sometimes the wifi does not work, or he lost some images, or the emails do not come through. Hard to stop. I told him recently that when I have my headphones, he cannot come and ask me anything. Even if there is no music or audio coming in my ears, I wear them when I want to be ALONE.

My committee also consists of different organisations where I sit as a board member. Recently I decided I would step down as the president on one of them. I decided I would never accept anymore any presidencies, on any committee. I wish to concentrate on my work for at least 24-30 hours each week. I will also in the coming week resign from the board of one of those organisations.

So, I must say I am DISMANTLING my committee.