Lesson Three - Lesley B.

         I am late gathering ideas together this week. I was so fired with enthusiasm

   last week that I have been producing a series of wall hangings to make later on and               wall hanging to make fairly soon for our church .

            I have been thinking back to my primary school days. When I was 9 or 10 we had a teacher for needlecraft who was friendly with my mum. My mum was a very good needle women able to cut out clothes patterns and make designer dresses as well as embroidery.  I was not very accomplished and all my stitches were large and ugly and knitting was a pain! I remember I had to keep undoing work and being asked why I couldn't do lovely work like my mother and having my knuckles smacked. So I grew to dread any craft lessons. A I got older a new girls magazine came out which had easy patterns in it. Mainly dolls clothes and I used to try to make these for my doll in the privacy of my bedroom and began to paint.

  Later I wanted to do harder things but my mother was a very busy lady and didn't have the time or patienceto show me. I can remember her saying “give it here” and she would do it for me.

  After I got married I began to do things and experiment. I didn't have much money so would make my own clothes and began to enjoy it. As children came along I made their clothes including suits and trousers for my husband. I always resorted to the sewing machine as I still wasn't very neat at hand sewing.

     Many years later I went to a patchwork group and got a lot of encouragement and was also invited to go to embroidery classes. From then on I began to enjoy crafts

but am still unsure of my ability and have confidence.