Lesson Three - Beverley S.

This has been an exhausting task, all week it has filled my thoughts, it has got my knickers in a twist. I'm only half way through writing my thoughts down but I'm sending some through because I got behind last week. 

I have one member on my committee who enjoys bullying me, they stalk my social media, making me struggle to use it for work. Buy, then dismantle my work and make replicas to sell. I have written to them to let them know I do not want a competitor on my committee. Here is an excerpt;

I want to be free and you have to accept it. I do not have the strength to throw you off my committee, you are a bully, I am a pacifist. But I do have the authority and be warned I am getting stronger. I may have to continually ask you to leave my meetings but I will keep doing this until you get the message that this is not the committee for you.

Goodbye and get out.

I have a motherhood collective and children on my committee telling me I am failing as a parent because I choose to work. Here is a small part of my writing;

I am not a bad parent because I choose to work. You will not die if you catch, the bus, make your own lunch/supper, go to the shop, tidy up instead of texting and grumbling at me during my meetings. You are only allowed to attend if you are there to be a useful member of my board. In all honesty I get tired of parenting, being creative gives me energy so let me get on as I will a better parent as a result and you will be more aware of your need to develop independency and the importance of doing things for others.

Motherhood collective - you are so out of date in your poor thinking. You do not know me, I am an individual not a faceless result from a survey on how to be the best parent. You now need to leave. 

People chanting without faces;

You will never earn money by sewing..........well I do, so pipe down. I Am going to believe the truth.

Your work is commercial - well I do need to sell to eat, this is not wrong.

What if you make something that doesn't sell.......... Well sooner or later that might happen but that is not a reason to not roll up my sleeves and try new things. 

You have no training.......no I don't. What exactly is your argument. I am self taught but I am not aware that this is an art crime. I work, it sells, I have got awards for my work. 

All you chanting, unless your chants are to cheer me on, leave the room. I will now only listen to those melodies that help me on my way.

I am still working on the committee, there are still people to identify and of the ones I have identified the first one is going to need quite some work to take the wind out of their sails and make sure they never attend any of my committee meetings and prevent me working. I am unsure how to pursue this further.

I need a good action list to help me get stronger at this, I read one from one of the previous posting, I can see how useful this might be to me. Phew, I feel like I've spent a week in the gym.

Thanks for all your honest communications.