Debbie E.

I am definitely the Chairman on my Committee and I am by far my hardest critique. I love techniques and following patterns and have always got my nose stuck in a wonderful book studying new techniques and I do practice until I have mastered but tell myself that I am master of techniques but cannot create anything original. I feel locked inside and happy to follow patterns and ideas and often tell myself that I will not be able to create my own designs and do not have this ability. I am lucky to have lots of friends that love to see my quilt, bags, skirts etc so don't really have many negative comments from others.

When I was completing my city and guilds I was then worried would my tutor like my work, everyone's else's was better and I always thought mine was mediocre but looking back I am happy with what I produced and that is most important really.

So interesting in reading about the studio and Jane's mantra of something in something out. I cannot hardly get into my sewing room, it is full of so much stuff and this makes me feel weighed down so I work on the dining room table and have to move things around a lot. I am a hoarder and keep everything and will have to seriously have a major declutter.

I run a lot and this clears my head and when I run I feel free and have no baggage and this is such a mediative time for me and a good time for thinking about everything.

This course is certainly getting me thinking, I can't wait to feel unblocked. I am so glad that I booked onto this course.