Mary L.

          I have worked this assignment numerous times in various forms over the years, including during summer camp.  I think it is good to revisit the committee from time to time because new members can sneak in when you're not paying attention.  I am spending little time on the assignment because I feel I know the members well ( and am aware of new members during this class Jane, Zenna and classmates..what will they think of my posts? Are they just being nice? Etc...) I prefer to spend my time this week exploring Notan a bit more.  I will say a few things about me and my inner critic. I try to always remember something a friend's mother always said.."quit worrying about what others think think, they probably aren't looking anyway."  I have explored archetypes some but not as the Enneagram which I done quite a bit of work with and learned how to deal with the committee with it.  I am a classic 4 which means basically I crave approval for being special which , of course,  ties right in with fear of criticism.  I am grateful for my 3 and 5 wings that help keep me grounded in reality.  I plan to do some research on the archetypes this week because I find personality types fascinating. Now back to cutting and glueing little bits of black paper.